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Global raid " Ding Yizhen " ! Chinese order circul









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27 days, the superlative degree is other chase after escape mechanism of specific responsibility of make sb disgorge the spoils -- the anti-corruption central defeats harmonious group international to chase after escape office of job of make sb disgorge the spoils first with declared form, reported to the society " 100 red a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship member " in the clew of conceal of personnel of partial flee to other country that has not bring to justice. This mirrorred the anti-corruption of the Party Central Committee that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping adequately to defeat the strategy to be advanced of deploy in the round, showed the Party Central Committee to corrupt needs punish, have corrupt surely the determination of respectful.
2 years ago on April 22, bureau of center of Interpol China state releases gules order for arrest, person of case of experience of the staff member of state of flee to other country that announced blame of 100 experience suspect centrally, important corrupt case waits. Come two years, "100 red a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship member " on list, already 40 people are brought to justice, recover illicit money nearly 9 billion yuan of RMBs.
And this " announcement " release, chase after those who be future escape job of make sb disgorge the spoils provides a help.
" announcement " make a person shine at the moment most, was to publish two big important information first:
It is to end by this year March, still the flee to other country that is suspected of embezzling the post such as bribery to commit a crime leaves the country 365 people of national staff member, be missing not to tell the 581 people of national staff member of whereaboutldirection.
2 was to offer a basis to inform against the clew of conceal of personnel of flee to other country that combs 22 when go out to be suspected of functionary crime and economic crime. The Id number that includes them, be suspected of accusation, current the likelihood resides a dwelling place to wait for information inside, all with Sino-British and bilingual open. In 22 individual list, escape toward 10 people of the United States, 4 when escape toward New Zealand, 5 when escape toward Canada, fugitive Australia 1, escape toward England 1, escape toward Shengjici and Niweisi (did not establish diplomatic relations with China) 1.
Origin: Chinese sound
" announcement " be at large 22 times when announce personnel clew:
How to understand " announcement " the deep desire that releases backside, study group interviewed Chinese cheap politics and law to treat Wang Wenhua of assistant dean of courtyard of law of seminar vice-chairman Yang Yongchun and university of Beijing foreign language.
1, " announcement " in the detailed address that announced 22 people first, since why that knows their address does not catch them? Release clew can act rashly and alert the enemy?
Yang Yongchun: Above all, " announcement " announcing is right inform against clew announce, read announcement carefully to be able to understand, as clew, the address is not specific, offerred however a likely occurrence or avoid a site.
Chase after next escaping is not to capture, however multiple judicatory helps each other or flexible judicatory cooperates, it is one is involved hold the omnibus anti-corruption such as cooperation of law of right, his law executes the law cooperative process, is not imprudent implementation captures a target.
The 3rd it is to release relatively clear address, basically depend on appealing the hope causes more attention, implementation is chased after escape of join forces gather together, it is one kind guides substantially so. Because personnel of flee to other country is opposite flow is more frequent, chase after on one hand escape the abidance that actuator is holding pair of clue pays close attention to, it is one kind is applied on one hand pressure, do not put in the real interrogatory problem of act rashly and alert the enemy so.
Wang Wenhua: This kind " alarm " can the concern of act rashly and alert the enemy is redundant, because: The first, one country releases gules order for arrest through Interpol, the police outside U.N. undertakes order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large to guilty suspect, believe breath, custom, frontier defence through information of traffic, communication the many relevant sections such as orgnaization of control, finance are all-around together the tight encirclement below cloth, made nowhere can escape.
The 2nd, unlike be at large otherly the member that be suspected of guilty person, these 22 had been to chase after escape of make sb disgorge the spoils " long-standing " problem, release " announcement " it is final step, purpose just is " act rashly and alert the enemy " , those who make somewhat movement, expose track, contact domestic relatives and friends for example, take paragraph, processing through financial orgnaization asset, buy place of job of children of room, arrangement, study to wait, discover more clew thereby, also throw into confusion its quiet life, give its be unable to carry on even for a single day of pressure, made in a state of anxiety, if cross street mice everybody,cry dozen.
The 3rd, this action also will cause international to execute the law to the more of the orgnaization pays close attention to and support, be helpful for chasing after escape the development that make sb disgorge the spoils works is begun.
2, that announces these is at large the individual information of personnel, look from legal angle, he Yi is occupied?
Yang Yongchun: Above all, announce this main body content is the announcement text about clew of personnel of flee to other country.
Next, to the involves experience case personnel clew that releases accessorily, be by relevant inform against material to offer. Because corrupt and harmonious group is opposed in the center of our country,be comprise by many branches and orgnaization, included public security office among them. To the issuance of information of experience case staff, according to the about order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large relevant provision in procedural law of our country criminal, sufficient basis is announced strictly lawfully. In the meantime, the form of blame of suspect of experience of staff of corrupt flee to other country has intelligence to change, systematism, concealment change, obtain evidence the characteristic with great difficulty, lawfully reasonable and open conduce to chase after escape to be advanced effectively what make sb disgorge the spoils works.
3, " gules order for arrest " release two years to just passed, at present we are seized so that personnel occupies than having 40% . So you think " announcement " release now, whether is there some kind to think on time?
Yang Yongchun: In fact, " announcement " corruption just turns over to be in charge of regulation of mechanism basis powers and authorities of office to have major item in the center of our country walk on duty to make public, did not think specially. But the overall condition that anti-corruption of combinative our country defeats, release in this time node, basically be to consider the following aspects:
It is 18 big since international is chased after escape the special and main field that make sb disgorge the spoils beats as anti-corruption, gained major victory, in the party 19 hold eve greatly, the corrupt processing that these results of battle make clear our country arrives by corrupt corrupt awe really the transition that the system ensures.
The 2 international that are current China are chased after escape make sb disgorge the spoils gained wide attention, cooperate to friend of domestic people, abroad Chinese, international, friendly international with formal archives standard main body undertakes comfortable case is responded to, showed China escapes external personnel " 0 patient " manner and " chase after after all " determination, reflected China to administer corrupt sturdy politics desire.
3 make clear to personnel of flee to other country with announcement, chinese anti-corruption defeats actuator to will compress its to avoid a space ceaselessly, make its are accepted finally due adjudgement.
4 be making clear is to be chased after currently escape task of make sb disgorge the spoils still onerous, but we won't because distant and hardship is hesitant, chase after escape make sb disgorge the spoils will be forever on the road.
4, heat sows drama " people's name " in like Ding Yizhen corrupt official of such flee to other country, the life is very miserable, still was murdered finally. But in real life, some corrupt officials took flee to other place of a lot of gold, the likelihood still passes quite well, that " announcement " is the news briefing effective to these people?
Yang Yongchun: The personnel of flee to other country in reality, or the corrupt official of flee to other country, in the circumstances differ in thousands ways outside the condition, cannot treat as the same, some is temporarily opposite and successful, some because our country and the cooperation of close together anti-corruption that escape toward the country are extremely embarrassed. But for total ground, no matter the corrupt official still is personnel of other flee to other country, lawbreaking rove country the heart is fear of Jing of in a state of anxiety besides the door, without what very good but character. " announcement " it is OK to release effectively reduces staff of flee to other country avoid a space, can saying is the inner world wedge that is full of Jing fear in its a recovered Li Jian, this works to persuading to return have favorable effect undoubtedly.
Origin: Study a group

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