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[study group] exclusive exposure " turning over su









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[study group is pressed]
On January 12, grind with secretary of county Party committee when have an informal discussion of the student that repair a class, xi Jinping's secretary-general says, the picture when emerging I become secretary of county Party committee ceaselessly in brain, as if returned 30 old before.
On June 17, 1984, the name first time of Xi Jinping of secretary of county Party committee gives the news report that 2 edition print delivers the People's Daily now " turning over surely write down " in.
" turning over surely write down " textual 5300 much words, the People's Daily uses 2100 much words when annual. The full text edition that publishs here, announce Xi Jinping to be on the post of secretary of county Party committee first, emancipatory thought, reform with keen determination, be in office for civilian a lot of detail.
On century of 80 time deciding reform, vivid is invigorative, still edify to the person nowadays, urge a person to exert oneself. Understand Xi Jinping in those days foresight and as, not fathomless, night of his early in the morning is in today fair lead entire party and the Chinese nation of implementation of the people of the whole country great revived historical inevitability.
The article studies a group by accredit of embellish of author Zhao heart (small signal: Xuexixiaozu) exclusive print hair. Zhao Derun, show the member that it is central literary history to study house house, ceng Renguang tomorrow signs up for Henan of deputy editor in chief, Xinhua News Agency to divide company president to wait for duty.
Turning over surely write down
Gao Peiqi of Zhao Derun of our newspaper reporter's reporter
At the beginning of seventies, heibei province is deciding a county ever with our country north county of high production of the first grain and gain considerable fame among one's contemporaries. Thenceforth rises, it by one step by step " force on grain hill " , became the high yield poor county of famed whole nation. This heavy burden carried ten years on the back all the time. Recently, the reporter visits here, feel strongly: High yield poor county already became the history, goods production is driving in big strides of whole town home village or town to stride to high yield rich county. Xi Jinping of secretary of county Party committee says gladly to the reporter: "Rely on a city, introduce intelligence, quickly ' two are changed ' new strategy, make we turned round old passive situation, also give bringing new takeoff surely. Also give bringing new takeoff surely..
"High yield poor county " got rescued
Summer 1981, when Comrade Hu Yaobang goes to Heibei to inspect, point out: Sheet calculates grain production to be no good, want to make diversified economy, calculate comprehensive Zhang, allow a peasant as soon as possible rich rise. This opinion hits the mark. 11 in the party 3 in plenary meeting is the following in a few years, our country vast rural area is changed to contemporary agriculture by traditional agriculture, by self-sufficient half self-sufficient economy is changed to goods production. And going around in circles in the blind lane of single-crop farming all the time surely, every arrive Xia Qiu is seasonal, the grain crop as usual that deciding is first-rate the way corp is growing, first-rate harvest. End of the year one account, per capita always is in 100 yuan the following.
Why does high yield run with poverty together? The economy that reporter Ceng Duizheng decides has made investigation: Arrive from 1971 1980, this county seeks grain high production one-sidedly, step on cotton at the same time, squeeze oil plants, press melon and fruit, chop avocation; Ignore cost at the same time, increase water fertilizer blindly, result, commissariat mu had produced " the Yangtse River " , exceed hoisting jack, the scale of farmer net income however year after year drops. The net income with a lot of annual production teams is not worth objective of commune member distributive to take a money, be forced to rely on loan allocation cash. The production team that entire county has a half to control is not clear still borrow money in those days, with tired owe maintain reproduction. To the end of 1980, entire county production team is tired owe loan to amount to 7.55 million yuan. Those who have acid interest is, "County of grain high production " be short of grain to eat actually, many farmers arrive outside the county buys costly grain to paper a mouth.
Till two years before, still having appearinging surely such oddity: Preparative investment is in branch of an economy in the province to building a chemical plant surely, refuse unexpectedly. Reason is very simple: Build a factory to be about to cover an area of, a mu of ground is 1000 jins of commissariat! Result mammon father let others go please.
After two years today, the change that a lot of expect are less than forces you to change prejudice, look at with new eyes. The data that translates statistical branch to offer can see, deciding a county nearly two years economic hair showed breathtaking high rate showpiece: 1983 gross output value of industry and agriculture 270 million yuan, grow 56 % than 1981, among them gross value of industrial output grows 55.3% ; Commissariat per unit area yield and always produce exceed the history top level; Per capita 373 yuan, grow 75 % than 1981. Such development speed is unprecedented on the history surely.
Go to the country, more exciting. See how many person is working inaccessibly on field, there is the banging song of the machine along with wind in the village. The country is executed after be responsible for a task unit until it is completed greatly, liberate large quantities of emancipatory labour force to throw labour avocation produce. Original the office or headquarters of a team, storehouse and raise canopy to be mixed by the specialist mostly combine hire, how to go up machine, became a company; Small courtyard also puts up a lot of farmhouse mat shed, run plant of build up front courtyard. The comrade of the county says, nearly two years, the throttle valve that commodity produces, all sorts of specialists and combine are gushing like tidewater come. To this year first quarter, entire county specialist develops 30 thousand many, combine develops 3000 many. Current, still be the impetus of great progress.
Commodity produced the ground like myth to improve the life of the farmer. A lot of farmhouse do poineering work the first year, paid off dead horse; the 2nd year to have bridal chamber with respect to the lid, acquired new-style furniture. In time of two days, we visited several frankpledge, see the farmer is general have ample food and clothing, a lot of farmhouse acquired the high-grade goods such as television, recorder, some people still rode motorcycle.
Deciding a person to abstained from in the past talk about " high yield poor county " . The reason is one part cadre is put no less than " county of grain high production " frame, do not wish to admit " left " influence; Broad farmer has energy of life in the heart: Annual grain bumper harvest, be short of year after year eat to be worn less, in the end falls the cap of poor county of a high yield, much more despondent! Nowadays, in the onrush that they devote into a country to change, begin to be on rich road, discuss frankly and sincerely with you " high yield poor county " lesson, exploration is deciding the way of take off the economy. A few farmers are mirrorred, did not think of time leader two years to go vivid with respect to a dish of a dead piece in a game of chess-a hopeless case county of high yield end. The cadre of the county says, the directive that is Comrade Hu Yaobang helped us open train of thought. Past single product economy, way goes narrower more; Now, we learn to set out from our advantage, do business with the city, ask an expert to give an idea, way goes wider more.
"20 words classics " show magic power
Early morning, deciding a county to go up to the highway of Shijiazhuang city, an a car, tractor, carriage is fully loaded with all sorts of housing materials, spare parts and farming by-product, emerge never-endingly to the urban district; The clerk that is riding autocycle, bike is busy also go into town understanding goods news, negotiate all sorts of businesses. Rely on a city, expand goods production energetically, the economy that gives this county brought new vitality.
Deciding the southern part, western all with provincial capital Shijiazhuang city border on, have the boundary line side 29 kilometers. The county leaves the urban district 15 kilometers, together with 4 2 railroad, highway are coherent city county, communication is very easy. But, to this development commodity produces advantaged condition, people was not known correctly not only in the past and use, instead leave no stone unturned tries to restrict. In many person eyes, this portion of the farmer is cultivate land, go into town charge for the making of sth. , be in business is " not attend to one's proper works or duties " . People knew the germ of high yield poor county to depend on commodity producing underdeveloped truth, regret incessantly: Doesn't the Campagna county of a mu of farmland develop average per capita labour avocation how can rich? So big provincial capital is before, rely on a city won't " have a city " not be goofy!
These two years, deciding a person to learn essence of life. The comrade of the county says tastily: Our policy is benefit city wealthy country, serve for the city already, " draw out urban pocket " , oneself develop in the service. Since second half of the year of the year before last year, beginning large-scale county emotional appeal to check surely, and the characteristic that the basis borders the city does not belong to urban suburban district again, establish " half outskirts of a city " economic structure, the society uses the dominant position of his land, labor, resource, go knocking at the gate of urban economy. In practice they sum up the way to deal with a situation that gives to rely on a city, namely: It is good to cast its place, be needed for its, take its strong point, fill its place is short, should its are changed. These successful experience are called in masses " 20 words classics " .
20 lis of shops that rely on Shijiazhuang city closely, Xi Zhaotong, south village 3 countryside, the advantage of being in a favored position, support " 20 words classics " develop above all rise, the paradigmatic country that the commodity that be called produces. The reporter is interviewed in this one belt when, see gladly, business of countryside, town and farmer family factory can be found everywhere, all sorts of products make a person dazzling. Paradigmatic countryside as expected deserve the reputations one enjoys. Here has affiliation or the industrial chemicals that cooperation produces, as mechanical as the city fittings; Have the product such as bacterium of the dress that serves for the city directly, furniture, milk, carnivorous, edible, flowers; Also electric home appliances
Paradigmatic countryside is the swift-footed arrive first nevertheless, other area also has entire county each oneself characteristic. No matter town enterprise, still be domestic factory, a common characteristic is, very the ability that notes escape city economy, oneself develop in the aperture of big company. The comrade of lab of county Party committee says for aperture economy. They say, aperture economy spoken parts in an opera is " exploit an advantage " economy, what is your city short of, I fill what. This includes rolling pole not only, the commodity of common of everyday use of and so on of broom, mop, also include a few in the city the product of high chemical industry of bad arrangement. We see a kind of product that makes the avirulent clarifier that take off charcoal in associated chemical plant, because produce field,so bad arrangement fails to produce; Deciding a county " graft one twig on another " , take me to use, hold in the arms very quickly went up " golden baby " , reaped net profit last year four yuan.
There is a history inside the town surely the big Buddha temple with long, grand edifice, early famed China and foreign countries. Past traffic is disadvantageous, lack service facilities again, tourist is very few. Since hang a hook with Shijiazhuang city, deciding a county active finance, maintain ancient tower, open up gardens, increase all sorts of service facilities, accelerate construction of area of travel of big Buddha temple, provided the place that holiday is visited and rests for urban people. This year spring, the open up in city line of a car, every half hours of Xiang Dafo temple sends a car, car vehicle repletion. Tourist spends money to buy asthetic mood, deciding from which deal.
Be in with Shijiazhuang contact with while, the strategy that relying on a city surely faces the whole nation stage by stage, north comes Beijing, ferry, guangzhou comes south, make together how old in cooperation of urban progress economy. Last year, deciding a county to hear Shenzhen develops tourism to need to sit ride, choose saddle of gold of horse of fine breed, carve instantly, match husband of mount a horse to send Shenzhen. Economically increase brushstroke income to need not say oneself, the person that the group goes knows many economic news in the special zone.
Back has been cultivated greatly enjoy the cool
Deciding a county, the name of the expert scholar such as Pan Chengxiao of Yu Guangyuan of mathematician Hua Luogeng, economist, pedagogic home, know even ordinary common people. This is opposite because of them not only social contribution, more important is, they are applied for become the adviser that deciding economic progress. Be used to of secretary of county Party committee makes the same score a these expert assimilate to nearly " large tree " , he says: "We should clutch of course the person with ability that develops oneself, but ' sapling ' did not grow, be about to borrow ' large tree ' shady and cool. This breaks free from conventions just about solve a shortcut that starting to want high rate late again surely. This breaks free from conventions just about solve a shortcut that starting to want high rate late again surely..
Deciding a county in what comprise in structural reorganization new leading group, although knowledge is formed,produced marked change, but their deep sense gets, be faced with the history to change in rural economics today, experience of knowledge of oneself science and technology, management is very scant, and the intelligence an wisdom that raises oneself with the expert's wisdom, make up for this insufficient tweak just about. From last year second half of the year arrives at the beginning of this year, county Party committee and prefectural government invite province inside and outside early or late personnel of technology of 55 experts, professor, project established advisory body. Advisory people knowledge is broad and profound, attainment is very deep, it is god-given fine division. Deciding designedly to invite them to come the county discourses on an academic subject, make academic report, improve the quality of cadre team. To entire county sex great and decision-making, if overall development program, annual works,plan, commodity produces structural composition, town reform of construction, education, invite adviser to make an on-the-spot investigation to the county, ensure the choice is optimal plan. Advisory people often still provide information of information of scientific research achievement, science and technology, market, the introduction recommends technical qualified personnel, exert oneself to deciding take off the economy to make suggestions.
After economist Yu Guangyuan is deciding a country to make an on-the-spot investigation, the proposal establishs " rural institute " , study the socialistic new country that has Chinese distinguishing feature builds a problem. Government of county Party committee, county accepted this proposal, have certain culture level and the comrade that study ability to establish an institute at picking key this year in March, begin country of draw the outline of is newest the most beautiful drawing. Yu Guangyuan still is recommended deciding 3 comrades to go to Beijing " economic benefits signs up for " the help works, pass the economic information of each district in time.
In mouth of gate of government of county Party committee, county, added skill of a talent newly to develop the sign of the company, prefectural Cheng Baohuai holds this company director part-time. He says: "This is another approach that we recommend intelligence. " last year spring, the county is given out to the whole nation through newspaper, broadcasting station " Zhao Xianbang " , receive more than 600 incoming letters of 24 provinces city, through assessment, person selected of affirmatory invite applications for a job 180 people. Classics and other place talk things over, already 9 technologies personnel dealt with tone to use procedure, come formally the county works, handling the 16 people of formalities. Deciding the X-195x that produce diesel engine, amount of oil of past bad news is large, keep long in stock is slow-moving. The undergraduate Liu Yu Zhong that internal-combustion engine major graduates applies for tone to work to diesel engine factory from the other place. He and technical personnel, worker together, through the effort of 4 months, solved technical difficult problem, make the diesel engine with one action that deciding makes the high grade product of complete province, open market quickly. Handed in profit last year 450 thousand yuan, grew 29 than 1982 times. Some technical personnel attune do not come in, the company is used sign a contract, invite used method, arrive to deciding a help to improve technology please, improve product quality. Since last year, 13 industries such as entire county machinery, building materials, hardware, chemical industry, spin are invited in all, use all sorts of professional technology talented people 130 much person-time, deciding industry to produce main effect to revitalizing.
Mix with expert, scholar of all a man of insight knowledgeability oneself, "Back is cultivated greatly " development goods production, already became what deciding " basic county plan " . Last year, appeal of county Party committee each each countryside, enterprise, include the domestic plant of the farmer, mix widely link up with of manufacturer of orgnaization of universities and colleges, scientific research, learned society, key, to search below large tree " shady and cool " . To give see life not much good farmer boost one's courage, county Party committee puts forward " 5 do not be afraid of " : Do not be afraid of " VIP " thing hard to tackle is asked; Do not be afraid of large institution " Gaomenkan " enter hard; Do not be afraid of eat a thick soup that close the door; Do not be afraid of worn-out mouth; Do not be afraid of run leg. Superstratum is illogical lower level, "The government " be illogical folk.
Actually, these " VIP " , " Gaomenkan " special to yearning for the farmer brother of science and technology enthusiasm. Last year, this county has two farmers to go to Beijing to inspect item of a chemical industry, to institute of chemical industry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences a senior engineer is consulted. They crouch in the doorway, hope expert comes off work see one side, an answer is satisfactory. Who knows, this expert answered a question not only, still pull them excellent in, take out Maotai to feast one time. The message is passed deciding, than arousing the report returns a canal to use, a lot of units should go out to enter. So far, already was the same as link up with of manufacturer of 76 unit of 21 35 universities and colleges of countrywide, scientific research, keys surely, introduce an item 130 many. Most economy branch and enterprise rely on to go up " large tree " , borrow " shady and cool " . The personal adviser that retains as to specialist, combine is more.
The eye of new generation farmer
Deciding new strategy of economy, tens of 10 thousand " the dig in earth is fed " crops person belt arrives in commodity market, let them accept the training of value law, inside 3 short years two, bring up the peasant that gives a batch to have new quality. Deciding county Party committee to begin to write recently " new quality element 100 " . They think, build team of a new-style farmer, have inestimable strategic sense to deciding economic development.
In Zhuang Cun of Home Na Shi, we visit the company of one domestic breed aquatics that 5 farmers run. The 40 managers that come forward Zhang Chunxiang, dress is orderly, be radiant with happiness, riding oneself " star " card autocycle, the jeep that guides us goes seeing their lab. The car just stopped firm, cameraman of a farmer rides adjacent village motor walks over, he hears the reporter came, busy ask can help buy a high-grade camera. In Zhao Cun one manages the small vendor's stand of cake to go up, farmer of a youth is wearing business suit, tying tie, there is a recorder to broadcast music to enrol    client on the side. The image of the farmer transformed really. They shuck off old cloth A Chinese-style unlined garment, change the popular the latest fashion in the city; Mention goods production, what " information " , " value " " feasibility studies " glibly new expression, if not fine ask, you are divided not clear he is cadre, worker, still be a farmer.
The common characteristic of these new-style farmers is thirsty curious knowledge, be willing to make friend with brainpower, consider an issue, do a thing to have eye very much. East tower child buccal village Wuhui comes even if among them. His family 6 people, two sons read in the middle school. Sweetheart and two daughters make labor insurance glove, oneself run business. Annual income 339 yuan. He is ordered have a few kinds of the press, often driving ride provincial capital gently to know market information, plan oneself production according to vicissitude of the market. Last year, he and two farmers form a partnership run arenaceous plant of steel of a gold. Spring combines 5 farmers to collect money again this year the small chemical plant of paint of the wall inside initiate production. We are visited that day, he takes out data of a technology from the drawer, full confident says: "This is the new-style housing materials that a friend offers building institute, we prepare to go up very quickly it! Think get rich have to ' eat to look 2 thinking 3 ' . Think get rich have to ' eat to look 2 thinking 3 ' ..
Deciding a country, the able person of Wu Huilai type is true many. In the past, they were afraid of thoroughly, poor fade; Nowadays, in time of 3 years two, train so that have bravery to know in the school of goods economy, ambitious. The impression that Zhang Fubin of Party branch secretary gives pony village the person is the deepest. He guides masses to do labour homework greatly, changed the face of high yield poor village, ascend to new peak again climb. He saw from a journal northwest university develops a success last year the chemical product with a kind of in short supply home market, hurry to Xi'an to make an on-the-spot investigation instantly, after consult concerns expert opinion, through villager discussion, the decision buys next patent, collect money 1 million yuan, build a chemical plant, anthology send graduate of 20 high school to go to northwest university accepting groom.
Such a king's ransom, a such big causes, caused a lot of comment in the village, county, many people are Zhang Fubin be breathless with anxiety or tension. He says leisurely however: "Enterprise always should carry a bit risk. The factory did, can take profit one year 600 thousand yuan, the descendants had pony village a ready source of money; Expert, professor becomes backup force to us, regular meeting is successful! Regular meeting is successful!!
Deciding, the new generation farmer of Zhang Fubin type is growing.
(the article is small letter fair number " study group " exclusive accredit is published, if have,reprint be sure to make clear origin " " )
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